earth mamma vanessa cuccia chakrubs

Vanessa is an awe-inspiring pioneer and a kickass entrepreneur to boot. Her company Chakrubs has not only shaken up the sex toy industry by bringing consciousness and spirituality into it, but also by reminding us that at its core, that’s exactly how sexual energy should be viewed. Here she talks self-loving, sexual healing, and following your passion in business.

earth mamma vanessa cuccia chakrubs

Can you tell us about the benefits and healing properties of a Chakrub?

Chakrubs combines the therapeutic affect of sexual pleasure and the metaphysical properties of crystals to facilitate harmony in the user. Crystals have perfect molecular structures that emit positive frequencies that we can benefit from when we are nearby. Combing this with our intention and sexual pleasure gives us the benefits of crystal therapy and sexual healing.

Why do you feel self loving is important?

It’s important to self-love because that shows you are grateful for having been given life. Gratitude makes life easier, better, and simpler. When we are in our pleasure, whether sexual or not, it is easy to be grateful. To find out more about ourselves, about what turns us on, (not only what gets us off), is a service that will carry through in many aspects of our lives. We’re only here for a little while and I think it’s important to take a moment to self-reflect so we may feel more at ease with ourselves. That will not only improve our own lives but the lives of the people who we encounter day to day.

earth mamma vanessa cuccia chakrubs

What inspired you to start Chakrubs?

Chakrubs to me is a symbol of self-realization, manifestation, as well as emotional and sexual independence. The idea sprung from a desire to cultivate these things into my life. It was 2011, and I had been hosting a dedicated spiritualist in my home studying crystals and energetic systems. I was also working at The Pleasure Chest which is a really sex-positive atmosphere. When the idea occurred to me, I went forward with it because I felt it could help me become more liberated and the more I spoke about it, the more it made sense, and conversations illuminated the need for an infusion of love in not only the sex toy industry, but in our daily lives. The philosophy behind Chakrubs is to gain perspective on what it means to self-love – masturbation is really just a metaphor for this principal. We set our intentions with the crystal, whether it be to release stagnant energy or to open our hearts, and every time we become aroused, that arousal becomes a signal to remind ourselves of that intention. I wanted Chakrubs for myself because of this, and because I understand we are all connected, I knew that if I wanted this tool for myself, others would want it as well.

earth mamma vanessa cuccia chakrubs

What would you tell people who want to try sex toys but are hesitant to?

I ask what it is they are desiring, why they feel hesitant, and I try to guide the person to reaching their truth. I don’t come across many people who are hesitant to try Chakrubs. I have encountered people that have felt hesitant before finding Chakrubs because they didn’t want certain chemicals or dyes that are found in other products.

Do you have any advice for females to best use their sexual energy?

Sexual energy is creative energy. Breathe it in.

earth mamma vanessa cuccia chakrubs

Can you tell us about the Yoni eggs you carry?

I carry obsidian and rose quartz yoni eggs at the moment, soon to also provide amethyst and jade. They come in drilled and non-drilled, to be used with a string or not. Yoni eggs are magical little crystals you insert into your vagina that helps create a deeper awareness as well as increase blood flow.

Why do you feel its important people embrace conscious and spiritual sex more?

Just to know that there’s an endless amount of pleasure and wisdom to experience. I think it’s fun, really. To play like gods and goddesses. To feel empowered. Life is really fucking crazy and if we aren’t conscious about it I don’t think it helps. Conscious and spiritual sex puts us in tune with a broader perspective of life that can provide us with some comfort and relief when we tap into it.

earth mamma vanessa cuccia chakrubs

Do you have any advice to those who need to heal sexual trauma?

There are ways to help, and we want you to feel at ease. I do some (free) consulting for people who would like to speak about their specific needs, and I also know many healers that I can recommend. I am always open to speaking with whomever about this. Email me. release @ chakrubs.com.

earth mamma vanessa cuccia chakrubs

What other types of healing interest you?

I am a musician as well so sound healing is very interesting to me. Singing, chanting, sound vibration is all very lovely and appealing.

What’s next for Chakrubs?

Oh, lots. I am manufacturing my next line which is called the “Shadow Line” and it is inspired by shadow work as well as types of sexuality that aren’t typically viewed as “spiritual”. I am working on some books as well, a new website, pop-up shops, so much! The future is exciting. You can keep up to date by following us on instagram.

earth mamma vanessa cuccia chakrubs

What advice do you have for people who want to follow their passions or start their own business?

Make sure your idea for your business comes from your heart and is something you feel is lacking in the world that YOU would want. Getting into the mindset of what may be popular isn’t a good start. Connect to yourself and your passion will shine through and that is what will get you noticed. Don’t wait until you’re ready. Do what you can with what you got. Take a small step every day in the beginning, and it will ramp up in time if you keep putting love into it. Be stubborn as hell and don’t listen to people who nay say. At the same time, study business methods and do what’s tried and true – but listen to your intuition and know when it’s a good time to be a pioneer in your own ways.

earth mamma vanessa cuccia chakrubs

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