No matter how in-tune you are with your path, it can be such an amazing experience to get a reading from someone else when they resonate with you. We only know what our perception allows us to see and when we open up to the views of others we can find out lots of juicy goodies about ourselves that we may have not otherwise known.

I’ve had dozens of readings from other healers, and whether it be from a teenage psychic on the streets of New York, to more established ones in other corners of the world, they have all helped me so much on my journey. They have all also caused a whole lot of confusion along the way because with more answers comes more questions. Whether you have had readings from others before, or are interested in getting one, here are some tips to keep mind while doing so.

Be open. It’s important to only go into a reading with someone you feel comfortable with and that you trust. The point of having a reading isn’t to test how psychic they are; the more information you can provide to them and the more open you can be, the more it will allow them to get past any walls and read into whatever it is you are looking for. If you can allow your guard to be taken down, you will receive answers that are much more accurate. They are doing this reading to work with you, not prove their gifts.

Check your ego. When it comes to readings, there is no need to feel defensive or protective of any information that comes up. When you are working with a trusted healer, they know that we all have our issues and baggage and they are there to give you some deeper meaning to help release it. If something is revealed that you may not like about yourself, or not want to hear, its important to still keep an open mind and an open heart in order to get to the root of whatever it is you are there looking for.

Don’t be scared. There is no reason to have any fear in a reading about what you may find out. If anything comes up that you don’t want to hear, know that it is either something that can be healed, or it came up to help teach you so that you can change your path.

Know that the future always changes. Nothing is ever set in stone. When you get a reading, you are often being told about the path that you are currently on. The course of our path is always changing, and sometimes simply by learning certain things that come up in a session, we have already changed our direction. You manifest whatever you want in life and keep it in mind that you can always direct your own flow.


You will find out what you need to know, not what you want to know. The universe doesn’t always want us to know the final outcome about a situation. Part of our human experience is to live our own lives following our intuition and going with the flow, learning whatever lessons we need to learn along the way. Often times in readings you may be told something in order to surrender to it because you are too attached for it to move forward. That doesn’t mean its the final answer, it just may mean its an energy you have to let go of in your life for the time being in order for it to come back in the right way.

Not everyone sees the same things. When it comes to getting readings, different healers have different abilities and perceptions. Some may see so deeply and tell you things you had no idea about, while others may just be able to see what is on the surface. To every question, there are multiple answers and though it is important to keep a very open mind, never just take one person’s word for it. Which brings me to…

Always trust yourself. No matter what you learn in a reading, it is so important to always still do what you feel may be best for you in the moment. Always take into consideration all of the information that came up, making sure you don’t immediately close any doors. But when it comes to making decisions on anything you were told, always listen to your intuition and take inspired action when you feel ready to do it. Sometimes a reading will show you an action to take to get you to a certain place, but it is so important to always do it when you feel ready. Whatever is truly meant for you to have in life, will always wait for you.

Reflect back. I feel it is better to not record sessions because our subconscious will always help us remember what we need to know at the exact right time. Sometimes when getting readings we won’t retain everything when finished, but little nuggets of information will always flash back into our lives when we are ready for it or need it.


Photography by Jessie Milan. Crystals from Geologic Gallery.

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