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Misty is an Australian makeup artist and TV host that lives in Toronto with her daughter Violet. I’ve always admired cool mammas who maintain close friendships with their daughters, and that’s exactly what you will see with Misty and Violet. They play dress up and go to music festivals together, love exploring and going on adventures and are always busy with all kinds of creative pursuits. Here, Misty answers a few questions on being a mother and her journey with it.

earth mamma mammahood misty fox

What is your favorite thing about being a mother?

It’s hard to narrow it down to one favourite thing. I can’t choose what it is, maybe the feeling of always being in love. I also love being able to teach her things, answer her many questions, and experience things together for the first time.

What is the hardest thing about being one?

Hmm, this one is a little easier to answer after the day I had today. Lets see… no privacy, I mean, not even a minute in another room without hearing the word Mummy. The constant interruption, the mess kids make, having to cater breakfast lunch and dinner everyday, tantrums, outfit wars, meltdowns; worrying and thinking and dreading about the state of the world you chose to bring life into?

In what ways does your daughter take after you?

We are both very creative, super clumsy and dead honest.

earth mamma mammahood misty fox

How do you make time for yourself?

Hahahaha! I have not figured that out yet, I keep meaning to, I know it is healthy and advised. I highly recommend it, I heard it’s good for the soul. If I had a set schedule I would book a babysitter at the same time every week and maybe go read a book in the sun.

What has being a mother taught you?

To roll with the punches, how to be better with life in general, more responsible with money, aware of safety, better at forward planning. And it has also taught me that the most well planned things can crumble, you have to learn how to laugh and be happy in these moments and to embrace the chaotic fanfare of parenting. You will find cheerios between your toes, McDonalds will save your sanity/soul sometimes, you will cry happy tears and sometimes want to scream at the top of your lungs while yanking your hair out. Recipes will fail, cupcakes won’t rise, your car will look like a recycling bin. After the 11th Loot bag is done at 2am you may use the F word, and again when you leave them behind. Pets will die, people will judge you… it’s all very full on, never empty… and totally worth it.

earth mamma mammahood misty fox

What did you learn from your mother?

I am the youngest of 6, I think I learned more from my siblings.

What do you want to teach your daughter?

Responsibility, accountability, kindness, and compassion

earth mamma mammahood misty fox

What are some of yours and Violet’s favorite things to do together?

We love shooting hoops at the school, her and I love to travel together, go on road trips and check out museums. We swim in Canada’s beautiful lakes, we enjoy the parks and the outdoors, we make a lot of crafts, we also love going to music festivals.  We spend a whole lot of time together, she is truly my best friend.

What advice would you give a new mother?

I feel like everyone is different, and so are their babies. I know the best advice I ever got when I was pregnant, was from my midwife. She said ‘meet the baby’s needs before they cry, that way they won’t feel like they need to cry to get something, just keep ahead of diaper change and feed and burp and cuddles, so they just know you have their back’  I really saw results with this, but it could have also just been Violet’s temperament as a baby.

earth mamma mammahood misty fox

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