earth mamma mars retrograde

Mercury retrograde tends to get a lot of slack, but currently, what many of us may be feeling is the Mars retrograde. Mars is fiery and represents our passions, our drive and our force, whether it has to do with work, sex, or creative outlets. Usually these energies would be expressed in an outward way as we go about our lives, but with the retrograde, they can be internalized and create pressure while we are asked to take a step back and reflect.

Mars also represents aspects of war, and many of us may feel like we are fighting a war within or moving in slow motion; those are definitely things that can be brought up during this time. 

How to calm the storm? Like with all retrogrades, take a look back at where these energies originated from within you. Quite often it is something that began during childhood. Where in your life did you first create these pressures? Do you second guess yourself? Do you get impatient? Are you hard on yourself? Do you actually want what you are striving towards? Are you explosive over certain scenarios? Get to the root of it, ask yourself to release it and see yourself sail on ahead.

Most of us are conditioned to want to be moving forward all of the time, so it can always be difficult when the universe asks us to slow down. But when Mars is in retrograde it gives us amazing energies to work with to re-evaluate our forms of expression, how we go about making things happen, and checking in with what we truly desire. It can also help us learn how to harness our anger in a healthy way.

This current retrograde is here until June 29th, so the sooner you can release these energies holding you back, the faster you can get on with the show. It only occurs around every two years, so make the most of this beautiful time to propel yourself forward to where you truly want to be.

If you have any questions on how else to harness this energy, leave a comment below.

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