jordy muir lookbook cookbook interview

Let’s get real about food with Jordy, while she shares her loves and go-to recipes.

I first met Jordy in NYC when I shot her for the LBCB cookbook. We bonded over our love of eating absolutely everything (that’s vegan of course), and had fun munching on chickpea omelettes and apple pie bites.

As soon as you meet Jordy you feel how calm and balanced she is, and it shows with her outlook on food and health. She is super passionate about the mind-body connection and meditation, saying that “Most people don’t know how good they’re designed to feel.” Along with her partner, she also owns a raw dessert company called Alchemy, that makes the most scrumptious vegan cheesecakes.

celebrating food and the people who eat it

Name: Jordy

Location: NYC

Work/passion: I model for work. I’m passionate about eating… so by default I also love to make food and move my body.

Today I ate…  It’s 10.20am and I’m on set. So far I’ve ingested a probiotic washed down with a ginger kombucha, a drip coffee with almond milk and a bowl of fruit salad.

I feel the healthiest when…

I make time for yoga. It makes me feel more connected to my insides than any other exercise. Twisting, touching, detoxifying… Sometimes it’s vigorous, sometimes it’s restorative. It’s really choose your own adventure.

Dietary requirements:

Vegan. I’m certainly not “gluten intolerant” but generally there are so many other options that I tend to go without.

What do you always have in your cupboards:

Tahini! If I can keep an open jar in the house for a week I’m chuffed. It’s shocking how fast I go through it, it’s my super not-so-secret ingredient.

Go-to meal:

I’m terribly impatient when I’m hungry, so after work it’s always throw something in the oven while I hop in the shower. Multitasking. Alternatively chuck the contents of the fridge into a mixing bowl and call it a day. My two go-to’s at the moment are roasted brussels sprouts with kimchi, or a miso sesame kale salad with avo. Or both.

jordy muir lookbook cookbook interview

Favourite snack:

Raw veg or flax crackers and babaganoush or cold leftovers. I bloody love leftovers.

Unique or funny food combos you like to eat:

Apples and hummus? Do other people do that?

What was your relationship with food like when you were younger?

Tumultuous. Unfortunately It was a very on again off again romance.

How has it changed now?

We’re going steady.

I’d like to do an eating tour of:


jordy muir lookbook cookbook interview

Cooking or takeout:

No contest. Cooking always. It doesn’t matter what time it is. I’ll even throw something together in the wee hours of the morning after a night out. Never not hungry.

What do you eat to treat yourself?

Raw chocolate dipped in almond butter, or popcorn with olive oil, garlic, and nutritional yeast.

jordy muir lookbook cookbook interview

What do you cook for friends:

I like to make curries or stews for people with quinoa or cauliflower rice. Not all my friends are vegan or even vegetarian, so I don’t want them to come to my house and feel like they are only allowed bird food. Since it’s the dead of winter I’m making a curry with butternut squash and green beans weekly that I’m obsessed with.

Moderation with eating. Do you practice it?

Moderation sucks. I’d rather not have something at all if I know I have to limit it in some way.

Fruit or veggies?

For versatility I’ll pick veggies… But I fucking love fruit.

jordy muir lookbook cookbook interview

Favourite places to eat:

We are so spoiled for choice in NY. I could go on forever. Souen east village was one of the first places I ever ate in NY, and I still adore it. I love low key dinner spots. I lived in Chinatown last year and found this place that’s both kosher and vegan called BUDDHA BODAI. It’s important to note that the location is on Mott street because there is a copy cat restaurant with the exact same name one block over (on Mulberry). I accidentally took an out of town friend there and it was rather terrible. I was so confused! The dumplings tasted like play dough.

How does food make you feel happy?

It’s an excuse to do something different every day. Routine kills me.

Best food advice:

Always focus your energy on adding not subtracting. I mean that it’s so much easier to say, incorporate more plants (if that’s the goal) that to cut out or avoid certain foods. Eventually the new habits take over anyway, sans anxiety.

jordy muir lookbook cookbook interview

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