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Tim the Yowie Man

The Bungonia Bear

It’s rugged out Bungonia way, near Goulburn in south-eastern New South Wales. The tiny town is surrounded by forest and steep gorges and pockmarked with some of the mainland’s deepest cave systems. If a large new mammal species was ever to be discovered in a hidden valley, then it’s more likely to be in the wilds of Bungonia than in many other places in the county.


A proliferation of pumice

If you live on Australia’s east coast and enjoy beachcombing, there’s a good chance that during the first half of this year you noticed lots of pumice stone at the high tide mark.

Creatura Blog

Sydneysiders: don’t step on the red-crowned toadlet

Sydney, it’s your time to shine, because this beautiful little frog has made its choice. Found nowhere else on Earth except a tiny pocket in the Sydney Basin, the red-crowned toadlet (Pseudophryne australis) is a rare sight to see, so it’s worth knowing what to look (and hear) for.