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Most of the sensitive people I meet have no idea that they are empaths or that there was even a term for feeling other people’s emotions and energies as if they were their own. If you are sensitive to the feelings of others and often feel like a sponge that absorbs them, then you are empathic to some degree.

Do you…

Get overwhelmed in crowds?

Often feel nervous or anxious and are not sure why?

Easily absorb the vibe and emotions of your loved ones, or anyone else you know?

Have emotional rollercoasters?

Are a sponge for people’s energies, whether they are super upbeat, or on the down and out?

If any of these resonate with you, chances are you are an empath or energy sensitive. It can feel like a curse at times, but it is truly a beautiful gift once you learn how to harness it. More on that in another post!

So how do you stop being a sponge and let other people’s stuff just bounce right off you? The first step is by having conscious awareness; it often helps just to know that you are in fact feeling other people. The more you begin to learn about this gift and how it affects you, the more you will be able to begin to separate yourself from other people’s energies.

The next part is to detach from whatever emotion you have picked up. It’s easier said than done, but when you have an energy within you from someone else that you just can’t shake in the moment, you truly have to tell your mind and body to release it. Meditation, yoga, energy healing techniques, and lots of practice makes perfect.

When reading about being an empath online, many sites will tell you that you need to build energetic shields to protect yourself. I actually highly recommend against this unless it’s in a situation where you really feel you need it, or if you are truly overwhelmed. Blocking other people’s energies can also block yourself and the point of having the gift of being energy sensitive is to use it and learn how to harness it.

Ultimately, as an empathic person it is so important to heal yourself at the root cause of negative beliefs to be a clear channel that allows other people’s stuff to just transmit right through you. If you catch a vibe from someone and hold onto it, it means you have attached to it as your own because you already have that emotion to heal within yourself.

Once you begin to heal and release your old stagnant energies, you will find that everyone you meet can be a beautiful mirror reflection for you, showing you what needs to be worked on and healed. I will share many more posts about doing this type of energy work, but for now, feel free to leave any questions in the comments if there is anything else you would like to know. 👇🏼

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