Doing energy work on yourself may seem like a daunting thing at first, but it is truly something anyone can do if they have a little time to tune into themselves. We are all carrying around so many things that aren’t serving us, whether it is a deep rooted childhood conditioning, fear, or insecurity. And yes, this helps with anxiety too! We are also all empathic to a certain extent and during interactions with others, it is easy to pick up on a lot of external energies and become overburdened.

No matter where an unwanted energy originates from, here are some simple steps to clear out anything that isn’t working for you. It is an easy trick that can be done for as little as a few minutes, or for a couple of hours if you really want to go deep. Sometimes it can take time to get into the flow of it, but doing this type of work on yourself is something I promise we all have the natural ability to do.

  • Get comfy. Pick a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. You can lay down, sit up, close your eyes, keep them opened, sit in the dark, sit in the bath, go outside, listen to music, use earplugs – whatever is the most comfortable for you. Some may find it helpful to have tools nearby like a notebook, tarot cards, crystals, or whatever else may help you feel connected.
  • Turn inwards. Try to relax your thoughts and move out of your head and into your body. This part may take time if you aren’t experienced at meditation. Don’t be hard on yourself if that’s the case. Allow thoughts to flow through you if you have any, just try not to let your wheels spin. By allowing thoughts to flow in as they come, without latching onto them, they can sometimes help tell us what is going on in our body. Focusing on your breath can help, or by simply relaxing into as deep a state as possible. Sometimes going into a nice daydream can be a good way to get yourself relaxed.
  • Surrender. Try to let go of any attachments you have to any negative energies you are holding onto. If you are carrying feelings of anger, sadness, anxiety, etc, it is a lot harder to find out the deeper meaning of them if you are currently going through them. If you can just surrender and separate yourself from the emotion, it will be a lot easier to get a deeper and unbiased perspective on what is going on. Just reassure yourself that no matter how bad whatever emotion is that you are feeling, that you are now here to work on it and will feel amazing after, and you can relax a bit with this knowing.
  • Tune into yourself. Ask yourself what is going on in your body. What feelings need to be released? What is the first answer that comes up? It may take some getting used to at first, but the body truly talks to us in so many ways when we begin to listen. We all have a very strong intuition waiting to be tapped into and the more you practice this, the easier it will get. Sometimes it can be a voice in your head, sometimes an emotional feeling in your body, sometimes it can literally be an ache or pain. Just be aware, patient and do your best to listen. Usually there will be several reasons attached to one emotion or energy, so you can keep on asking your body what’s going on until you feel you got to the root of it all. Again, stay surrendered to whatever comes up, you are doing this work to heal it, and not to be hard on yourself.
  • Let it go. Once you find out what is bothering you and you have surrendered to it, your body will already begin the process of letting it go. While doing energy work, it is important to look at negative emotions simply as energies that need to leave your body. If you are working on releasing anger and keep yourself trapped by remaining angry, you are literally holding onto that energy and not allowing it to leave your body. Keep your mind relaxed and unattached. If you decide even for a few minutes to focus on the healing and let it go, that energy will begin the process of leaving your body and you can have a major improvement. Also, don’t be scared of tears. Crying gets it all out.
  • Feel your body. This step can also take time, but will improve with practice. When you do energy work, you can usually feel the emotions leaving your body. Often you will feel things in your stomach, chest and heart. Allow these energies to pass, don’t attach to them. Remember, you are in charge of your energy, so if you experience any movement or pressures in your body, tell it to leave, unattach from them, and allow them to flow through you to heal.
  • Go deeper. If you have time and can take it deeper, it is important to ask yourself where unwanted energies first came from. Often most of our fears, anxieties and limiting beliefs are from something that originally started while growing up and got built upon over the years. Ask yourself how this pattern started or where it came from. Sometimes this step can take a bit of extra time and tuning in, but it is worth it in order to really remove negative energies from yourself and clear that pattern in your life completely.
  • Focus on love. At the end of all energy work, it’s important to spend a few moments focusing on the good to re-calibrate yourself. Know that the universe always has your back and that things will always work out in the end. Whether it’s by simply focusing on your heart, something or someone that makes you happy,  going through a list of things in your head that you are grateful for, or by daydreaming about the beautiful things that you desire for your future, welcoming in an energy that makes you feel good will leave you feeling balanced after your session.

And there you have it! I will write more articles that go deeper into this kind of work, but in the meantime, ask away in the comments if you have any questions. 👇🏼

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