earth mamma rachel montague ibiza

Rachel is a nomadic free spirit who I became friends with while living in Ibiza for a few seasons. She spends the summer there each year working as a dancer, model and weaving her beautiful dream catcher creations. Read on to find out more about her passions, and stay tuned for another post coming soon featuring her life on the island.

earth mamma rachel montague ibiza

Name: Rachel Montague

Age: Peter Pan

Your sign: Aries

Where are you from? England, born in London

Where are you going? To the moon and back, infinity and beyond!

earth mamma rachel montague ibiza

What first brought you to Ibiza?

Freedom I suppose, perhaps it was an urge to leave normality.

What do you love most about the island?

The opportunity to be who you want to be without the judgement of others. To have to chance to discover you inner connection to the 50/50 world that exists here in Ibiza (party vs nature). Ibiza filters and tests everyone who steps onto it, so you have to learn in your own way about energy and somewhat the karmic path it will throw at you!

earth mamma rachel montague ibiza

How did you discover your passion for dance?

At a very young age I was around classical music with both parents being classical musicians, my grandmother a ballerina, and my grandfather a theater owner. When my mother was pregnant and as a child I was always backstage at ballets so I fell in love with dance as a freedom of expression.

Can you tell us about the dream catchers you make?

Making dream catchers for me is a form of meditation I separate from reality and get into a special moment where I can create a perfect personalized piece for each person. I try to get the correct colour and crystals for each one, as maybe someone has a need for different things like grounding, cleaning, love, sleep, so I can weave these in to my creation. I’m really in love with art; my first job was designing stamps for gift cards and tattoo design. I’m so happy I feel into making something so personal and spiritual!


Do you have any other passions that you pursue or would like to?

I love music so much, listening alone with headphones and eyes closed hits the spot! And nature. I love to hike alone or with friends. Travel to glorious places. So many hobbies; I love to do everything!

What do you do to stay feeling grounded and connected?

Making dream catchers. Walking alone on the shores taking in the sea air. Standing with my feet in the water where the sand meets the waves. The point where it gets sucked from under your feet for me this is pure heaven. Even in the rain and winter; whatever the weather!

What makes you feel the happiest?

Being with the people I love and surrounding myself with good energy!

earth mamma rachel montague ibiza

What are your superpowers?

Helping people! Making people happy.

What makes you feel the healthiest in your body?

My humongous green juice first thing in the morning after warm lemon water! Pure power 🦄

earth mamma rachel montague ibiza

What do you do to treat yourself?

Wandering in flee markets finding treasures.

What is your best advice for loving yourself?

Letting yourself go in the path that life takes you on. Eventually when you let yourself be you, you manifest self-love, therefore love comes to you.

Who inspires you and why?

Mother Nature does.

Has learning to accept yourself been a journey for you or has it come naturally?

It certainly didn’t come naturally. I believe I began to accept who I was the minute I stepped off the plane in Ibiza. Accepting myself is still something I believe will get better with age! Everyday I learn from life and it’s twists and turns. I think acceptance comes with true experiences.

earth mamma rachel montague ibiza

What are you most grateful for learning?

Energy and karma.

What would you tell your younger self?

Don’t wait too long before it’s too late

earth mamma rachel montague ibiza

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