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I first met the vibrant Camila quite a few years ago when I took her portrait while she was working as a model and myself as a photographer in Toronto. It’s easy to be instantly drawn into her magnetism with her beautiful Brazilian charm and positive outlook on healing and life. Stay tuned for a photo journal of her inspiring life in Rio de Janeiro!

earth mamma camila singer and healing artist

Name: Camila Derisé

Age: 33

Your sign: Capricorn, but in the Vedic world I’m all Leo.

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Where are you from?

I was born in Brazil but lived in Toronto for the last 25 years. Native to the Land of Oz.

Where are you going?

Big question with a simple answer. I’m not sure, but I do feel that where ever I end up that is where I’m needed to most, trusting in Divine guidance for each step.

earth mamma camila singer and healing artist

How did you discover your love and passion for music?

It all started back in Brazil where our family would create reasons for us all to unify. We would start with having Roda de Samba, which starts with drums but somehow spoons and our pots would be involved. By the end of it all I knew I was born into a musical family, that kept me going. It brings me balance and spreads happiness.

What do you love most about living in Brazil?

Besides the avocados and little monkeys in my backyard! Well, I would have to say nature. I love the freedom of picking myself up and heading to the beach or a hike with the mission of landing in a waterfall, random musical circle at any corner and wearing Havianas.

earth mamma camila singer and healing artist

What activist issues interest you the most?

I would have to say Human Rights; anything living or breaths. I’m against any form of violence towards anything or anyone. The forest being destroyed, racism, animal cruelty, crime towards children and women, the list is too long. I believe in Love, that is my sword towards Hate.

As a healer, can you tell us about what types you do?

I don’t like claiming that I’m a healer, I’m a vessel of energy as we all are. We are all our own healers. I specialize in touch therapy and energy healing. I love using aromatherapy and shiatsu but the list is long. Bodywork is what has helped heal most of my traumas. “Issues in your tissues”. I believe touch whether being massages, yoga, even just a hug, it helps to relieve us of emotional and mental pain.

earth mamma camila singer and healing artist

Is there any healings that helped you a lot on your journey?

I find having people around who cared and showed me support was one of the greatest thing that ever happened because once you start opening up to those who truly care I find that the Universe aligning us with our path, healing begins. I started understanding energy by studying Reiki and that is what opened everything up for me. Psychotherapy, is something I can’t live without, touch therapy is essential for my balance.

Do you have any other passions that you pursue or would like to?

I’m full of passion for things. I can think of so many things that my heart desires but I know how sometimes we day dream and we are not able to apply everything. The one thing that I really want to achieve in this life time is to start a health retreat center, where we can be safe to heal and transform ourselves.

earth mamma camila singer and healing artist

What makes you feel the happiest?

Simple things make me happy. I love waking up in the morning and seeing the sun. Unless I have something planned in my day, I love not knowing where I’ll end up, often in some kind of adventure. I enjoy being around people, people makes me happy. Getting to know how they create their paths, how they flow, what makes them tick. I am also very grateful for being alive. I look at my past and I’m in awe of all the things that I had to endure. Just being grateful.

What do you do to stay feeling grounded and connected?

Being in the now. Catching yourself from any distraction that takes you away from the now. I have always had a thing for the moment but if things change to sudden I get a little dizzy. I do my best to stay present to my environment, the people that surrounds me. I pay attention to how I’m feeling in that moment. If I feel off, I meditate, practice Yoga, some writing, talk to a friend, go for a swim or sometimes a good distraction helps, I love watching a good movie. I feel as though silence is the best for learning how to quiet the mind.

earth mamma camila singer and healing artist

What are your superpowers?

Being happy. That is what I am most known for. I also have the power of connecting people. Whispering good news into their spirit.

What makes you feel the healthiest in your body?

Balance. I love eating well. Clean eating. I love to eat. I love food. I think sleeping is very important. I love to sleep early and wake up early. I’m up at 6am everyday regardless of my schedule. I get things done, which is healthy for my mental being as well. Coconut water on a daily!

What do you do to treat yourself?

I enjoy spending time by myself. I think it’s essential. I find when I do I’m present to everything else. I love getting any form of bodywork. I do the home spa thing as well.

earth mamma camila singer and healing artist

What is your best advice for loving yourself?

Asking yourself the real hard questions. Learning to be patience with yourself is a very hard thing to do. We never give ourselves the loving time we need to become the transformation, we often give up on ourselves. I find that we often don’t challenge ourselves at the soul level. We can sometimes ignore real issues that sometimes (most times) are our issues. We need to empower ourselves. I’m still learning, it’s a hard one to nurture. Once we can find peace with our actions maybe than we can be truly happy.

earth mamma camila singer and healing artist

Who inspires you and why?

This is a hard question to answer. I have had so many people come in and out of my life that has influenced me in my personal growth. However, my parents are who inspires me. Although my journey with both has been difficult, I see now how without their sacrifice, I would not be here today. Both my parents have struggled with mental health issues most of their lives. By having me very young, I had to witness their decisions in trying to give me a good life. My father, a young single man took full custody of me and raised me the best way he knew how. I learned about all the natural way of approaching life. My mother I think had to make the biggest decision, having to give up her first born to her father who took her daughter to the other side of the planet. I admire their strength to have done the best with what they had. They inspire to never give up and no matter what comes your way, know that we all have the inner strength to go living our lives with gratitude and love.

Has learning to accept yourself been a journey for you or has it come naturally?

It has been a long journey. When you have been dealt the cards that I have been given, you have to learn to accept things a lot faster. If not, you are at risk of creating ruthless patterns in your life. That was my case, I never had the guidance that nurtured me, I had to search for that within myself. I found a way. I found that it was difficult at first but as you go on you start to learn to trust yourself again. You end it falling apart and back together again. I am still healing from many moments in my journey but now I have the tools that I need in order to have the internal support. I rediscover myself daily. I never get bored of my new discoveries.

earth mamma camila singer and healing artist

What are you most grateful for learning?

I am most grateful for learning how to not give up. Having perseverance and faith has giving me the hope I need to feel that I serve a purpose in this life. I am grateful for all the challenges that I had gone through because once you can make peace with those things, the things you can’t change, you become content with the rhythm of change. Practicing gratitude whether with your actions or words allows for abundance to enter your life. So, I’m internally grateful for all things, without trying to change people or things. Most important of all, remember to be grateful of yourself.

What would you tell your younger self?

I would tell my younger self that things get better. That there are people that are going to love you and support you, and when you least expect it, things will fall together. Never give up on your dreams. I would also let her know that forgiveness is going to be one of the main tools in her life. The most of all is have respect and love for those around you. Love yourself, study and enjoy nature because nature protects you.

earth mamma camila singer and healing artist

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