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Angie is a women’s health and fertility coach who I first met several years ago while we were both living in Toronto. I was instantly drawn to her magnetic presence, centeredness, and charm. My first thoughts upon meeting her were, “Wow, what a woman!”

Here, Angie shares some things about her healing journey and finding love and balance along the way. Her website The Balance Warrior will be up soon and she will be a contributing editor for Earth Mamma, sharing posts about nutrition, healing, following your passions, and self-love.

earth mammas angie

Name: Angie Walker

Your sign: Gemini

Where are you from?

From Toronto, Canada, now live in Chicago, Illinois.

Where are you going?

Towards love. Always.

Can you tell us about your work?

I’m a Mind Body Women’s Health and Fertility Coach. My passion is helping women balance hormones and women who struggle with fertility challenges. I help women create balance & harmony by detoxifying and connecting with the mind, body, spirit.

How did you discover your passion and gift of helping women?

I discovered my passion from my personal journey with hormonal imbalances that I believe led to my fertility struggles. I had 2 miscarriages and still continue my journey to have my own child whether it’s my own biologically or through adoption. I understand how hard fertility complications can be on a woman and what it does to your mind, body and spirit. With a lot of my own soul searching and healing I finally arrived to a place of total acceptance & trust with what the universe has in store for me. I hope by sharing my story it will help other women. My passion is to help all women (whether trying to conceive or not) balance hormones & connecting mind, body, spirit.

earth mammas angie

What interests you the most about the mind/body connection?

They go hand in hand. If your spirituality is suffering then you won’t take care of yourself physically and vice versa.

What other types of healing interests you?

I love massage therapy, acupuncture, energy healers and meditation. They all work in perfect harmony together.

Is there any that helped you a lot on your journey?

Yes all three have. I was a registered massage therapist for 9 years and they all helped with my physical pain and with clearing energy I would take on from clients. I now meditate daily which is extremely healing for me.

Do you have any other passions that you pursue or would like to?

I have been an actor on and off for many years. Have been “off” for the last few years. I would like to dip my toes back into some acting classes in Chicago soon! I also have a passion for writing, photography & cooking with healthy whole foods. I’m going to tie that all together into a book one day soon!

What makes you feel the happiest?

Making people happy makes me happy. Helping the less fortunate makes me happy. Spending time with my family & friends makes me happy. Oh, and house music always makes me happy!

earth mammas angie

What do you do to stay feeling grounded and connected?

I meditate daily, express gratitude daily, try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day and drink my green juice daily! All of these things keep me grounded & connected.

What are your superpowers?

I’m very adaptable and a good listener.

What makes you feel the healthiest in your body?

I start every morning with a green juice or green smoothie. I swear I can feel the nutrients absorbing into all my cells and making my body work in perfect homeostasis. Keeps me feeling balanced.

What do you do to treat yourself?

Get a massage, get my nails done, eat some chocolate or treat myself to an almond milk latte with some honey at one of my favorite coffee joints! Or watch a scary movie! I looove scary movies!

What is your best advice for loving yourself?

Forgive yourself and accept the past!

Who inspires you and why?

All the women who have struggled, made it through those struggles and used that to inspire others. Those who had courage to live a life of truth and authenticity through their hardships to inspire others. That is beauty in its truest form right there.

earth mammas angie

Has learning to accept yourself been a journey for you or has it come naturally?

Ohhhhh wow! It has been a loooooong journey!! Although I have always being connected with wanting to help people I didn’t really connect with my spirituality until a bit later in life. After some life changing events the universe made me pay more attention. I grew up in the modeling industry so had terrible self image from the age of 13. The industry really really messed with my head and body image which still pops up from time to time. My love for house music brought me to throwing parties and partying a lot when I was younger, which was fun but really started weighing on me. The constant hang overs and feeling like crap really affected my self confidence. I made bad choices, surrounded myself with fair weathered friends, cancelled a lot, disappointed a lot of people, missed a lot of great opportunities but mostly disappointed myself. I believe all the years of abusing my mind/body really messed with my hormones. I lived many lives; I traveled the world as a young model, I was a makeup artist for film & TV, found a career in acting which came to an abrupt halt when SARS hit Toronto & forced me to¬† look for another career. I then went to school to be a massage therapist which I did for 9 years (can you tell I’m a Gemini? Lol). Marriage divorce, more relationships, fertility challenges, major betrayal from my best friend to finding love/marriage again to finally finding my purpose and true calling in helping women. Thanks to my schooling at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN), I was led to finding my purpose. I finally feel like the person I was always meant to be. Surrounding myself with positive, happy and healthy people has changed my life. It’s true what they say, “who you surround yourself with you become”. I now choose to surround myself with people who are nice to others, who have compassion, who lift me up and are committed to bettering themselves.

What are you most grateful for learning?

Forgiving myself. That took a long time to do but once I got there I started to love myself.

What would you tell your younger self?

Love yourself and don’t let others opinions get in the way of what you want.

earth mammas angie

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