Annabel is a Brooklyn based astrologer and my go-to read about the stars with her daily and monthly column for Vice. I love her short and sweet daily posts that pretty much always sum up what’s going on in my Pisces world. (Hint: they are also the perfect size for screenshotting and sending to friends.) You can also catch these snippets on Vice’s Snapchat.

Not only is this girl a pro at astrology, she also teaches tarot, writes about the occult, and is currently studying herbs and plants. To book a session with her, you can visit her website. Read on for how she got her start in the stars, what a Saturn return is, and some of her favorite transits.

How did you get your start in astrology?

I always loved astrology, even when I was a kid. Luckily, I had cool hippy parents who had lots of astrology (and tarot, numerology, etc) books in the house. As a got older, I found an amazing astrology circle at a local new age bookstore— attending that circle really cemented my commitment to studying!

Is it an ongoing learning process?

Absolutely! And I doubt that I’ll ever learn all there is to know… but, that’s why I like it! It never gets boring, and there is always a new branch of astrology, or theory, to explore.

What’s a typical work day like for you?

I do most of my horoscope writing in the morning— my mind is the most creative at that time, and If I try to write later in the day, I get exhausted really quickly! I usually meet with clients in the afternoon and early evening, and I teach my classes in the evening.

What’s your favorite thing about giving readings to people?

My favorite thing is feeling like I’ve helped someone understand a complex or confusing situation in their life by using their birth chart— solving problems just feels good! People can argue all they want about whether or not astrology is “real”- I love it and I use it because it’s a wonderful tool for viewing the world and viewing our problems.

What other healing modalities interest you?

All of them! I incorporate tarot into most of my astrology sessions, and like astrology, I think tarot is a wonderful tool for examining life. I’m a huge fan of plants— I think herbal magick is endlessly fascinating, and I’m especially inspired by Susun Weed. Meditation is an indispensable part of my self care routine. Hypnosis is something else I’m interested in right now!

Any other passions you pursue or would like to?

I’m so excited about herbs right now, I’m diving deep into any book I can get my hands on about them.

What are your signs?

I’m an Aries with a Scorpio Moon and Capricorn Rising.

How often do you turn to astrology for your personal life?

It’s so ingrained in my life, it’s how I view the world— I’m using it all the time!

What’s your favorite planet?

I can’t pick just one! Maybe Pluto, since it’s all about transformation? But I also love the Moon— so safe and comforting!

Can you explain what a Saturn return is? What was yours like?

We all experience a Saturn return every 29 and half years. What this means is: Saturn returns to the position it was in at the time of your birth. This is a rite of passage— you’re officially one of the elders! Well, in today’s world, 30 isn’t very elderly, but back in the day, you certainly would have been one of the wise ones 😉 But, indeed, the Saturn return is a time of learning about your mental, emotional and physical boundaries, learning about responsibility and gaining mastery. The Saturn return isn’t meant to be easy— but is any good work out meant to be?! No! No pain, no gain. You walk away from your Saturn return stronger, smarter and, usually, with a drier sense of humor (you’ve seen some shit!).

My Saturn return was very rewarding— I’ve worked my butt off, and I reaped the rewards; however, I still had a remarkably trying time healing-wise and discovered many ways I was running myself ragged and burning myself out. It was a great learning experience, and now I have a much deeper understanding of how take care of myself.

Any favorite transits?

I’m always excited to see lovely Venus cross the midheaven (the highest point in the birth chart, it rules career and reputation) or the 7th house cusp (the sector of the chart that rules relationships). The Mars return is also an exciting time, when we feel reinvigorated and excited to tackle a new project or chase a new goal.

Any 2017 transits we should look out for?

Yes: The eclipses in February and August are definitely something to note in your calendar, as is the Venus retrograde this spring!

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